Wedding Rate Card

Trust us to transform your venue into a floral wonderland, enchanting you and your guests and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Your dream wedding starts with our exquisite selection of wedding flowers.

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  • Bridal Bouquet

    A stunning arrangement of flowers to compliment your dress for your PWS or AD. Shop our pre-designed bouquets or personalize a bouquet based on your preferences and style.

  • Personal Flowers

    Florals for the groom, family, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Available when ordering bridal bouquet.

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    Bridal Car Decoration

    Transform your getaway vehicle into a stunning symbol of love and celebration. Make a grand exit in style and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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    Floral Arch

    Elevate your wedding venue with a beautiful wedding arch with the freshest blooms. Create the perfect backdrop accessory for classic and timeless wedding photos.

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    Reception Styling

    Welcome your guests with a welcome signage and showcase your journey through a series of photos with fresh flower arrangements on pedestrals.

  • Aisle and Stage Decoration

    Pew posies, altar pieces, flower hedges, you can name it all. Walk down the aisle with the most stunning florals and allow your guests to leave with a memorable experience.

  • Centerpieces

    Set the mood and tone of your wedding. Centerpieces evoke everything from your wedding style to your wedding color palette — taking your celebratory vision from dream to reality.