Bridal Car Decoration

Transform your getaway vehicle into a stunning symbol of love and celebration with our wedding car decorations from HuaFlorist. We will create custom designs that perfectly complement your wedding theme and style. Make a grand exit in style and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Let us add an extra touch of romance to your wedding day transportation.
  • Centerpiece (Basic - Premium)

    Round/elongated bonnet piece attached to the front. Suitable for all car models

  • Horizontal (Premium)

    Horizontal piece stretching across the car hood. Suitable for a large colour palette. Placement of flowers differ from different car models

  • Cascading (Premium)

    Tear drop shaped arrangement with sash and poms poms
    Suitable for cars with larger and slant hood

Bridal Car Decoration - Ala Carte

Front Bonnet piece + 2 or 4x Car door posies

Optional Add-Ons: Sash (+$10)/ribbons, Car boot piece (+$40)

*Installation will be done between 3pm - 6pm at our location 670546 (30-45mins)

*Ensure the car is washed and the surface does not have any wax/polish

*After installation, ensure the driving speed is slow & car is parked in sheltered area

Starting rate: $270 (Basic) / $350 (Premium)

(Additional costs apply to premium flowers, colour palette and peak season)