Bridal Edition

Guide for Your Dream Wedding

Peak Season Price Surge

Floral pricing peak between December to March, especially in Feburary.

Be mindful of your budget when your event date falls during this season.

Settle your florals from 1 florist

Having all your wedding florals done by 1 florist will be more cost-efficient and make it easier for you to communicate your ideas! It will always be more convenient when you have any last minute changes.

Complimentary items will always be provided such as loose flowers.

Save more when you shop more ;)

Colour & flower types

Cost of the florals are dependent on:

1. Type of florals

2. Colour palette of florals

3. Quantity of different florals

More colours & more flower types = higher expenses

More premium flowers = higher expenses

Reducing the varieties of florals would be a budget friendly choice.

Asking for a smaller bouquet with the same amount of flower types and varieties would not reduce the cost.

Remember, size do not matter!


HuaFlorist offers affordable and high quality. We will always advise accordingly to cater to your budget and your ideal wedding ideas.

Drop us a text to find out the rough estimate of the florals!

Let us be part of your dream wedding!

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